Seven Mindsets


Since the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year started, students have been going to Advisement Mondays and Wednesdays.  In advisement the students have been discussing The Seven Mindsets. The Seven Mindsets is about many things such as: positivity, motivating ourselves and others, setting goals and achieving them, accepting failures when working your way to success.

We have interviewed some teachers about this topic. Let’s hear what they have to say.

Mr. Clance

– How do you think this will benefit the students?

Mr. Clance: “The seven mindsets are designed to provide social emotional opportunities for students so that they can be better contributors to the local community.

– Who made this possible?

Mr. Clance: “It was an initiative by the district and all the schools are doing it. Every school in the district is actually doing it every week.

– Have you gotten good participation from teachers?

Mr. Clance:“Yes.”

– What do you think about the seven mindsets?

Mrs. St. Clair: “Seven mindsets are a good way to start conversations and get to know each other and people talk about other things when you don’t necessarily know where to start a conversation with somebody you have never met before.”

– What do you think about the seven mindsets?

Mrs. Sullivan

Mrs. Sullivan: “I have enjoyed working with my 11th grade group because they are really into the discussions and giving their viewpoints, and I think it’s a pretty good program.”

– How do you think the seven mindsets can be more interesting for the students?

Mrs. Sullivan: “I think it starts with the adult in the room making it interesting, and something that the students want to focus on.”

Students POV:

– What do you think about the seven mindsets?

Claudio Roblero:“I think it’s very helpful and good for every student.”

– What do you think about the seven mindsets?

Alyssa Menchaca: “It helps a lot for everyone. It sure did help me with my career because I thought I would have one choice in life, but Seven mindsets opened my eyes.”

Overall, the seven mindsets are designed to help students with thinking about their futures and having successful mindsets.  GC seems to have embraced this program.  We’re all waiting to see how much of an impact it makes on students’ lives.