Get to know your teachers pt1 !

Get to know your teachers pt1 !

Abigail Holbert and Haven Tate

Do you know anything about your teachers? Because I don’t . . . I mean we go to school with these people and know nothing about them is that really what you want? We asked three teachers the same questions so we could all get to know them a little more.

Haven Tate and Abigail Holbert: “Did you always want to be a teacher, or did you have something else in mind while growing up? Why?”

Dillon Mcfry: “I really didn’t know what I wanted to be until college.”

Alan Hughes: “I actually wanted to be a lawyer.”

Carol Ferguson: “I always wanted to be a teacher ever since kindergarten.”

H.T. and A.H: “What made you want to teach at Gordon Central?”

D.M: “I graduated at Gordon Central.”

(Mr.) A.H: “I had a really good interview. It lasted a long time. I just really liked it.”

C.F: “It is halfway between Chattanooga and Atlanta, it’s a beautiful area, and I heard great things about this county and school.”

H.T. and A.H: “Did you attend Gordon Central High School?”

D.M: “Yes I did.”

(Mr.) A.H: “No actually I went to North Hall.”

C.F: “No.”

H.T. and A.H: “Do you think your class is educational and entertaining at the same time?”

D.F: “Sometimes ever since COVID its been hard to make things like that happen.”

(Mr.) A.H: “I think mostly yes. I mean it can’t always be fun but I try to use games and simulations to teach as much as possible.”

C.F: “I hope so yes!”

This is only a couple of teachers chosen for this week. Tune in for next weeks random teachers.