Custodians at GC


Angelica Soltero and Evelyn Fraire

Our Custodians at Gordon Central work hard to keep this school clean nevertheless. Many people don’t seem to care about the hard work they do around our school building. You have probably heard Mr. Hall speak once on the intercom how he appreciates the hard work they do and how we should appreciate them too. We take their hard work for granted and we have to stop and take a minute to say so. Is it okay to just leave my trash laying around? Is it right to make a mess in the school bathrooms? Is it worth destroying our school bathrooms so later on they can be closed and we have nowhere to use the restroom?


Even if you think it’s such a drag to clean up after yourself. You should still at least have some consideration and keep your area clean at GC. Because our custodians work hard to clean every inch and corner of our building. You should be mindful if you make a mess clean it up, I’m sure these people would appreciate that greatly it would be a little less work for them too. And if you decide to make molds and messes in the school bathroom you should take responsibility for your actions. Others shouldn’t have to suffer having to walk so far from their class because of closed bathrooms near them for your actions.

We have taken some time to ask our custodians at GC a couple of questions so tune in and read their responses to them.


  • What would you say if you were face to face at this moment with all the students of GC?

Derrick Fuller: “Their good kids, their learning, trying to get day by day through Covid.”

Scott Wheat: “If i was face to face with them i’d say we’ve got some good kids and probably some of the best around when we need them to pick up, and do their job they do their job. They are messy but you have to understand their kids, they have to learn from their mistakes they made so they do.”

  • Tell us a little about yourself?

DF: “I graduated from here, and I have a beautiful wife and I have some beautiful step kids and that’s about it.”

SW: “Okay I’m Scott Wheat I come here as a part time worker and it just fell into a full time position being head custodian.”

  • If you weren’t working here at GC what would you be doing?

DF: “I don’t know I’d probably be in a carpet mill or somewhere it’s hard to say because it’s my only first job.”

SW: “I have a business I did myself a mobile home business I would be into that because I still have people working in it. Instead of me laying those guys off I went and got me a part time job so they could keep money coming in for their family.”

  • Why did you decide to work as a custodian?

DF: “They had an opening in ’05 and i took it.”

SW: “Because it was a part time position and it was a night job.”

  • Do you consider yourself good at your job?

DF: “Yes”

SW: “Yes, i do i got some of the best custodians in the county.”

  • If you could speak up about the “devious licks” disease that was going on around at GC in the school bathrooms what would you say to those that participated?

DF: “They need to ban Tik-Tok.”

SW: “Oh, they need to come back and help us clean up, they need to come back and make sure that they help us clean up the mistakes they made. They thought it was pretty, they thought it was cute, but at the end of the day it just costed the school system money.”

  • What’s the most difficult thing about your job as a custodian at GC?

DF: “Cleaning up messes after they destroy things, and clogging toilets up.”

SW: “Theirs not one everyday comes the same if your proud to do your job and want to do your job theirs not hard days.”

  • What do you consider your least favorite thing about your job?

DF: “Coming to see the kids and the good boss.” (in a joking way)

SW: “There’s not no least favorite, its you know like say if your proud to do your job and you know you’re good at it their’s ups and downs with every job but you know as long as you enjoy doing your job it all comes as a good day of work.”

  • How long have you been a custodian at GC?

DF: “i’ve been a custodian for 17 years.”

SW: “I’ve been here 14 years.”

  • Do you have someone that inspires you to work harder no matter what life throws at you?

DF: “Scott Wheat the boss man he pushes me through.”

SW: “Yes my mother and father they pushed me hard when I was little to work they got me a business they were in business with me and you know if it wasn’t for them pushing me you know i wouldn’t have my job.”

  • Working as a custodian for GC has anyone ever been rude to you? You do not have to state a name just say if someone has or hasn’t and, if you could please state what they did to you.

DF: “Nobody has been rude or anything.”

SW: “No”

Now that you have read their response what do you think is it worth making our school a mess? Who would clean our school if the Custodians were no longer here? Would you be able to take over their job? So, we’d like to ask you to take your time to clean up after yourself as an action of saying thank you to our custodians at GC for their hard work.