Brock Shellhouse signs with Cumberland University


Today, January 14, 2022, Brock Shellhouse signed with Cumberland University in Tennessee. The coaches and the football team were gathered to support this signing. In there Coach Hamilton spoke up and said

He’s (Brock) going to be coming on campus as a freshman as one of the guys that they’re looking for to make an impact. Because that was one of the things I talked to him about. I said ‘look if you wanna – if you want to let him know what he’s going to be competing for and if it’s a two year thing where y’all want to bring him in, or if it’s an immediate thing where y’all want to bring him in then that’s great, but you need to let him know upfront and be honest about it.’ But yeah he’s getting ready to go up there and make an immediate impact and compete. I hope he realizes what he’s getting himself into, but it starts now, you know, the process is still going on. He’s been in the weight room, he’s continuing his grind. I’m excited to see what he does and I know I’m gonna be making some trips to watch him play.”

Below are some pictures of the signing;