Get to know your teachers part 4!

Get to know your teachers part 4!

Abigail Holbert

Welcome back everyone this week’s three teachers are Mr. Skiffen, Ms. Todd, and Mrs. Carroll

Abby Holbert: “Describe a time you felt challenged by a student. How did you handle the situation?”

William Skiffen: “I had a student last year who often refused to do his work and slept in class. It was basic bad behavior. I made sure to work with that student. I talked to that student after school and heled him after school. Helped him get a study routine. He went from horribly failing my class to passing my class.”

Lori Todd: “There was a kid that was asleep, and I went to wake him up and he jumped out of his seat and almost slammed me against the wall. Then we went out in the hallway and I talked to him and he said he was just having a bad day.”

Shenna Carroll: “When I was working with behavior children. I changed jobs.”

A.H: “How do you respond if a student is struggling in class?”

W.S: “I make sure to offer them many opportunities for tutoring in the morning and the afternoon. I offer them extra credit assignments. I see how they are doing and make sure that they are ok.”

L.T: “I usually try to talk to them and see if there is an issue and see if we can’t get it resolved.”

S.C: “I usually get to know them first then start building a relationship.”

A.H: “Do you focus on strengths or weaknesses in your class?”

W.S: “I focus on strengths because weaknesses can be very discounting at time. I try to plan lessons and activities around their strengths.”

L.T: “I focus more on weaknesses than strengths although I should focus on both.”

S.C: “I always try to point out the positives before I bring out the weaknesses.”

Tune in for the next three teachers next week!