Spring Break in Honduras

Spring Break in Honduras

Daphne Agredano

Almost every country has some unique features – some of which are physical in nature and others which are cultural or social. One of those countries is Honduras. Honduras is the second largest country in Central America. It is known for its different types of food, culture, beautiful locations to visit, etc. When you visit Honduras, there are a variety of wonderful and great activities to do. Despite having some of the most stunning beaches and wonderfully intriguing wildlife, it is one of Central America’s least visited countries.

I’ve been to Honduras several times since I was a child, the most recent time was when I was in sixth grade. If I had the chance to go back during spring break, I’d do a lot of things. I’m sure my grandma and most of my relatives would be waiting for me when I stepped off the plane. We’d probably go out to eat after we met up and catch up on a lot of stuff since it’s been so long. We’d either head to my grandma’s house to settle in after eating, or we’d go around town and stop by different types of shops.

When I’m in Honduras, we usually go to this one zoo (I forgot what it’s called) or to this mountain that has a pool, and everyone can go visit this pool. The mountain offers a lovely outlook, and the pool is nice to swim in.

Honduran beaches are equally beautiful to visit and nice to swim in. I wish I had the chance to visit one of those beaches, but they are quite far from where I’m staying, so if I had an opportunity to go, I would.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras’ capital, is where I have some family, and one of those family members who I would see frequently is a cousin of mine. He is fluent in English and it is easy to communicate with him because my Spanish isn’t very good, (though I understand it more than I speak it), but I would be unable to visit him because now lives in Spain.

I know we did a lot of stuff during our time there, I really can’t go into great detail about Honduras because I have foggy memories of my time there when I was a kid. I do remember some things when I used to go and I’m happy for those memories. It’s also a fact that when I return from Honduras, I’ll be covered in mosquito bites. 🙂