Spring Break in Mexico & Guatemala

Spring Break in Mexico & Guatemala

Angelica Soltero and Evelyn Fraire

Spring break in Mexico is not the same as spring break here in the United states, in Mexico their spring break doesn’t start until April around Easter also known as Semana Santa.

Angelica (Mexico)

If I were to go to Mexico for spring break, I would visit family first. Since I have family scattered all over Mexico, I would have a very busy schedule. Every day would be different.

After catching up with everyone I would want to go and wander around. Whether it’s the land or the centro commercial (mall). Maybe play with the chickens or go to my tio’s vet clinic. At the top of my list would be food. I remember in 2013 when I went to Mexico, the first thing we ate were tacos from a street vendor. They were delicious. I can still faintly taste and smell them.

I also remember waking up at around 3pm because we got there at 1 in the morning. But as soon as we woke up, we ate huevo con chorizo with homemade tortillas. As soon as we finished, we walked to the flea market and bought cheese, bread, ice cream, and more tacos. Yummmm.

We stayed there for two weeks and it was the best. We not only went to Baja California, but also Chihuahua, Guadalajara and Nuevo Leon.


Evelyn (Mexico)

For spring break, I would love to go to Mexico again. Once I arrive at Corrales Zacatecas, Mexico, I would immediately go visit my Grandparents. The rest of my family, on both my fathers’ family and my mother’s family, is scattered away from each other. But, seeing my Mothers’ side of the family is more important since they are the ones welcoming me home. I would then sleep for as long as my Aunt allows me to because, after a long trip I would very much need that nap.

Outside Activities.   

I personally don’t like the heat, but I like being outdoors when I’m in Mexico. Maybe it’s the air there but, I like spending all my time outside instead of indoors. So, that being said, I go to the soccer/basketball court to play with my cousins, since spending time outside in Mexico is something I enjoy doing. Playing around with my grandfather’s animals is also something I like to do he owns horses, a donkey, and cows. Going to the monte (mount) to pick up wood for the fire is also one of my favorite things to do because you see a couple of people riding their horses and it is cool to me.


We also go to La plaza principal de Juan Aldama Zacatecas to buy groceries, ice cream, clothes, candy, vegetables, etc. The plaza is big so it’s easy to get lost, we like to sit and listen to the music that bands play, the hamburgers they sell in Mexico are better than the ones they sell here in the U.S. its something about Mexico. My family likes to gather in my aunt’s house and the women cook while the men fix a fire to boil the food. We then all eat together we also sometimes eat at our own house we eat frijoles with chile and papas sometimes we make some cheese quesadillas made with queso de chiva and lots of tortillas.


Nancy (Guatemala)

I watched my abuela from afar while she was plucking some roses from the garden. She had no idea the surprise waiting for her as she turned around and looked at me for the first time in 12 years her eyes went wide like saucers.

2 day before

I was debating between going to Mexico with Angelica and Evelyn or to Guatemala with my abuela I really wanted to go Mexico again but on second thought I’ve never really been to Guatemala in a long time I needed some time for myself and plus my abuela wasn’t getting any younger and soon I wouldn’t be able to see her and that scares me the most, to never see her again so I made up my mind Guatemala it is.


After giving abuela a hug, she was surprised just like I thought she would

We started to catch up on things she knew I couldn’t stay long since I had places to be, I needed to meet my tiós and tiás, younger and older primos and my great grandparents so off I went. I meet each and every one of them I was really happy it was a different sort of happiness where you feel like the things you wouldn’t ever see again would appear again it felt good.

Time to myself

That was a lot of people I had to meet but now the adventure really begins. The first thing I wanted to do was to eat so I looked for food venders luckily for me food venders were located near the park by my abuelas house and I bought myself Chuchitos which are traditional Guatemalan-style Tamales after I decided to drive up to Antigua Guatemala which is surround by volcanos and mountains and was once a Spanish colony.

The next day I decided to go up to Tikal and El Peten which is a jungle of Mayan ruins half buried that archeologists continue to find pieces of today it was a beautiful sight with many, many stairs on my way to my next destination I passed by el mercado and I bought a bunch exotic fruit. The last place I wanted to go visit was and the Natural Monument Semuc Champey meaning” where the river hides under the earth” these rivers are known for its natural limestone bridges formed by collapsed rocks and turquoise pools it was a magnificent view. I will surely comeback next time.