World Book Night

World Book Night

What is World Book Night?

 World Book Night, Copyright Day, also known as World Book, is a United Nations Holiday sponsored by UNESCO celebrated every year on April 23 which is also a tribute to many authors who were born or died on this day – a very famous one being William Shakespeare. This day is all about the enjoyment of reading or being a reader. Reading is a great thing, and it requires you to use your vast imagination. There is also something really therapeutic about feeling the book in your hands and the smell of those printed pages. But most of all it, promotes reading for children from around the world and encourages them to read and make it a habit. Regardless of age, making reading a habit has a huge impact on everyone.


But books never really started as books way back when vocabulary and writing was being developed a thousand years ago. Clay tablets were used and some time after parchment paper and papyrus was used. The first form of a book was achieved by the Chinese in the 3rd century and even then, they weren’t completely made to fit your hands since they were made out of thick bamboo. By the mid 15 century the printing press made books what they are today. Technology has a great impact in this because now you can read books online through your laptop, computer, phone, or even a kindle – which is specifically only used for book readers. Nothing beats a book other than another great book itself.

How to Celebrate World Book Night?

Celebrating world Book Night is easy and you can do it in many different ways like:

  • Reading, of course

Bookworms love reading and why not celebrate it with reading a great book.

  • Taking a trip to the library

Going to find a book at your local library is probably one of the most exciting things a book reader loves . . . why not do it on World Book Night!

  • Exchanging a book with a friend

Try exchanging a book with a friend and write something small in the front just for them to find.

  • Giving someone else a book

To give something out of goodness means that you don’t accept anything in return and it’s one of the best satisfactions in life.

  • Support local booksellers

One way to support local booksellers is to buy a book from them and read it.

  • Dress like a literary character

Dressing like a literary character can be fun and even better if you get a group of friends to dress up with you for example: Hermione Granger, Sherlock Holmes, Jay Gatsby, The Little Prince, and Holly Golightly.

  • Host a book club

One of the best thing other than reading a book is talking about it with other people.  The best way to do so is to host a book club.  You can even host a dinner based on your favorite book or book series.