Time to show our teachers some appreciation!


Teacher appreciation week is May 2nd to May 6th.  Since 1984, National PTA has designated one week in May as a special time to honor individuals who lend their passion and skills to educating our children. Teacher appreciation day is May 5th, but schools across the nation use the whole week in order to celebrate their educators.

Teaching is one of the oldest professions – the first private history teacher was Confucius in 561 BCE. In ancient Greece, the education of children had huge value. In the 1600s, the Pilgrims valued education in the same way. By the 19th century, education was believed to be the key to success for political order and ever since, the need for teachers has been growing.

Teachers make sacrifices on a daily basis to ensure their students have the best education there is to offer. According to Nationaltoday.com, one study indicated that the average work week for teachers was 53 hours – this heavily contrasts the average American work week, which is 34.4 hours. Teachers also often pay out of their own pocket for classroom purchases. Despite the hours and money they put in, teachers are paid significantly lower than other career paths requiring the same level of education. The average starting salary for a teacher is $40,000 in 63% of the nations districts according to the National Education Association.


Here are some ways that you can show appreciation to a teacher:

  1. Write thank you notes –

Writing a thank you note is a simple way to show your appreciation of a teacher. A small gesture can go a long way and many teachers love the thought of knowing just how much they’re appreciated.

  1. Give them snacks –

Find out your teachers favorite food and drink, and then surprise them with it! They will be thankful for the fact that you thought of them while enjoying a delicious treat.

  1. Get your class together and do something special –

Get your peers together to plan out a gift for your teacher. Each student can contribute and pitch into getting something special. Whatever it is, your teacher is guaranteed to love it!