Meet the new teachers

Meet the new teachers

Abigail Holbert and Haven Tate

Welcome back to another fantastic school year. I’m sure all of you have heard that some of our lovely teachers have left us but we have some amazing new ones. Let’s introduce some of them.

Here’s a little information about Kristi Payne. She is from Pickens county Georgia. She has lived there her whole life. Her husband is from Gordon county. She has 2 daughters; one’s name is Allison (she’s 19) Mrs Payne graduated from Pickens High School. Her other daughter Samantha is a freshman at Gordon Central. Mrs Payne has taught in Gordon County for 12 years. She has taught English most of the time; ESOL for 2 years and english 10 years.

Abby Holbert and Haven Tate: “What is your favorite thing about being a literature teacher? How long have you been teaching literature?”

Kristi Payne: “My favorite thing about being a literature teacher is I get to read along with my students and expose them to things they might have not read. I’ve been teaching literature for 10 years.”

A.H. and H.T: “How do you motivate your students?”

K.P: “I try to get to know them, so I know if they don’t like the work. So, they also know I care about them and know I want what’s best for them as far as their education.”

A.H: and H.T: “In your opinion what qualities and skills should an effective English teacher possess?”

K.P: “You should be able to explain complex writing and literature tasks and love the English language and reading and most of all enjoy being around teenagers.

Our next new teacher is Verdy Jocelyn. He is from south Florida – Miami. He’s married with 4 boys. His oldest just graduated high school this year and is going to Dalton State. Mr Jocelyn went to school at Georgia State. He got a master’s in science and education. Last of all he loves being here.

A.H. and H.T: “What made you choose this pathway in college?

Verdy Jocelyn: “I reached out to surrounding schools for science.”

A.H. and H.T: “What school did you come from? What made you choose Gordon Central High School?”

V.J: “I came from Frank McClarin High School. I picked Gordon Central High School because I live 12 mins away. I’m so excited to be a WARRIOR!”

A.H. and H.T: “Did you ever want to be anything other than a science teacher?”

V.J: “I have always been interested in science.”

Our new athletic director is William Shackelford. He is married to his wife Missy. She is an elementary principal. She just got her doctors agree and he is  so proud of her. He has a 13-year-old daughter whose name is Samantha – they call her Sammy. Sammy is his pride and joy. They have a cat – he’s not very happy about the cat. Coach Shackelford is from Marietta Georgia. He’s been coaching and teaching for 27 years.

A.H. and H.T: “Do you coach any of the sports teams here?”

Coach Shackelford: “No. I’m the athletic director. I’m overseeing all of the sports.”

A.H. and H.T: “What school did you come from? What made you choose Gordon Central?”

Coach Shackelford: “I was previously down in Paulding County and Cobb County School for 10 to 11 years. Then I was recently the head football coach at East Paulding High School for the last 5 years and this is a neat opportunity. I’m just excited about working in a new role as an athletic director. It’s always been kind of an itch that I’ve always wanted to scratch. It’s been a great opportunity to be with a great group of people. I think a lot of Mr. Hall. I just thought it would be a cool opportunity.”

A.H. and H.T: “How are you liking the school so far?

Coach Shackelford: “I love the school and the people. A building is just a building – the people are what make the building.”