National Photography Day

National Photography Day

Daphne Agredano and Angelica Soltero

National Photography Day is celebrated this Friday, August 19. National Photography Day honors the photographers who work and offer their displays to the public. Photography captures society’s imagination.


Louis Daguerre
Joseph Nicephore Niepcce

Although it isn’t an official holiday, it honors the art of photography. The day celebrates creativity and complexity in the field of photography. It’s an opportunity to inspire more people to pursue this form of art, which has long captured the attention of people all over the world.

In France in 1837, the first World Photography Day was observed. The original photography method was developed by two Frenchman, Joseph Nicephore Niepcce and Louis Daguerre, who came up with the “daguerreotype.”

No official day is stated, but in 2010 approx. 270 photographers around the world uploaded photos from their collection to the internet.


You can celebrate national photography day by hosting a photography competition.

Visit can visit a museum. Any museum offers specialized exhibits on the history of photography, rare posters, live photographic performances, and camera purchase.

Post your favorite shot, whether it’s one you took yourself or one you liked from someone else and thank the photographer on social media.

Some of the most famous photographs in history

Use photography to capture moments in life.

Below are some pictures that we took to appreciate those who do this for a living.