Serendipity Day

Serendipity Day

Daphne Agredano

Serendipity Day is celebrated on August 18, so that it can urge people to seek out and treasure the gorgeous things that are constantly there, if only people took the time to see them. Serendipity is a term for “happy accident.” It isn’t an accident at all. According to the designers of this delightful day: they see it as a mindset or a way of life in which people constantly aim for the unexpected and hope for a pleasant surprise.

Serendipity’s History

Horace Walpole came up with the term serendipity in the middle of the eighteenth century. He described how he got the idea for the term from a Persian folk tale called The Three princes of Serendip.

The folk tale states that three princes were exiled from the kingdom of Serendip in order to give them an opportunity to prove their worth. As they travel the world, they experience “serendipitous” events, and it seemingly occurs to them from time to time.


Ways to celebrate Serendipity Day

Performing an act of kindness.

Helping someone get closer to their goals in life.

Watch a movie called ” Serendipity.”

Making the most of this day urges attention to some of the little things that you never knew could lead to something significant in yours or someone’s else life.