Homecoming is just around the corner! Here is all the information you need to know.

HOCO Events:

The Homecoming parade will be held downtown on September 1st, and it starts at 7pm. Make sure to wear GC colors and have some fun!

Great news! After a rough couple of years due to covid, GC is proud to announce that we are going to have our pep rally this year, in the morning of September 2nd. Come and have great time with friends!

There is not a start date regarding the door decoration contest: however, all doors should be completed by August 31st. The door decoration contest winner will be announced on the 2nd of September, at the end of the school day.

Homecoming Football game is on the 2nd of September. Please come show some support to our football players along with the cheerleaders!

The awaited HOCO dance will be on September 3rd, from 7pm to 10pm, at the GC gymnasium. As for dress code, it is encouraged to wear clothes that are Rock n’ Roll themed; if students choose not to wear themed attires, they have to make sure their clothing is school appropriate.

HOCO Dress Up Days:

Monday-  Favorite Sports Team (wear your favorite team’s shirt)

Tuesday- Americana/ Camo Day (dress Red/White/Blue or Camo)

Wednesday- Decades Day (pick a decade- 50’s/60’s/70’s/80’s)

Thursday- Pajama day (stay warm and toasty in PJ’s)

Friday- EXTREME Spirit Day (show your Pride in the in the Tribe!)

  • The 2022 Homecoming Representatives for 9th – 11th are:

Gracie Tidwell (9th)

Belle Watkins (9th) ​

Alicia Dela Cruz (10th)

Aileen Reyes (10th)

Jazmin Gutierrez (11th)

Kimberly Salazar (11th) ​

  • 2022 Homecoming King’s Court:

Parker Chastain

Jesus Hernandez-Reyes

Gavin Holmes

Jan Martinez-Gonzalez

Peyton Wilson

  • 2022 Homecoming Queen’s Court:

Corbin Bishop

Vanessa Macia-Sanchez

Lynna Nguyen

Savannah Pass

Adriana Reyes

Congratulations to all the Homecoming Court nominees !