Football- 2022


Lexi Browning

Coach Hamilton was asked if he has hope for this season this year, his response was, “I always have hope and I think this year is going to be a lot better than last year. We have a ton of freshman and a ton of sophomores, we don’t have a lot of juniors or seniors so its very helpful. The future looks bright.”- Hamilton

Both Coach Hamilton and Coach Moore said ” They have taken many steps forward” – Coach Moore… Coach Hamilton added that these steps involve “the young guys are going to be the ones playing in the game this Friday… they’re getting better for the future.”


As we all know Coach Hamilton has a new motto every season. This year his motto is, “T.O.U.G.H.” meaning “Together One Unit Grows Here”. This applies to where we are in our culture and how we should be tough people that should work together.