New teachers part 2!

New teachers part 2!

Abigail Holbert and Haven Tate

This week we have a new group of teachers we’d love to share with you.

Here’s a little information about Sarah Chance. She is currently not married she has been dating her high school sweetheart for 10 years. She has no kids. Sarah was born and raised in Calhoun Georgia. Sarah’s got a bachelor’s degree in agriculture science.

Abby Holbert and Haven Tate: “Is this your first-year teaching?”

Sarah Chance: “yes”

A.H and H.T: “What made you pick Gordon Central to teach at out of all the other schools in Gordon county?”

S.C: “Gordon central currently had availability for a algaculture teacher. I’ve always wanted to teach agriculture and I thought G.C would be a great location.”

A.H and H.T: “How are you liking it here so far?”

S.C: “It’s been pretty good lots of great kids I’m working with really great facility members.”

Here’s a little information about Mederic Rodriquez. Mederic grew up in Calhoun, he actually went to school at Gordon central. Mederic is from the Dominican Republic. He has been married for 6 years. They met online and moved here 6 years ago. He has a 4-month-old dog. Mederic really enjoys playing music at his church (music director).

A.H. and H.T: “What made you want to pick Gordon Central to teach at out of all the other schools in Gordon county?”

Mederic Rodriquez: “I went to high school here this was a great opportunity for me to come back.”

A.H. and H.T: “How are u liking it here so far?”

M.R: “It’s good I’m still getting set up some of the technology stuff I still don’t have access to so it’s hard.”

A.H. and H.T: “Was this your pathway in college.”

M.R: “I started out as predental then I graduated with a biology degree. Then I took a year off and got my master’s in teaching.”

Here’s a little information about Billy Blizzard. Billy is married to his wife Tammy. He has three kids; John, Alicia, and Justin. He has five grand babies named; Skylar, Kaylee, Chandler, Mia, and Bree. Billy is from Chester Pennsylvania. Billy spent his young life in Phenix Alabama. He spent 10 years in Tennessee. For the last 15 years he has lived in the state of Georgia.

A.H and H.T: “Do you coach any sports teams here? Which ones?”

B.B: “yes, Football.”

A.H and H.T: “How many years have you been a coach?”

B.B: “27 years.”

A.H and H.T: “Are you enjoying your first year here so far?”

B.B: “Yes, I am enjoying myself here.”