National Dog Day


Angelica Soltero

Dog day

1400 years. Dogs have been with us for that long so they deserve to have their own holiday. That’s why August 26 is national dog day. On this day we celebrate dogs of all shapes, sizes, and breeds.


National dog day was created in 2004 by Colleen Paige. Her reason to adopt the holiday was to draw attention to the number of dogs in shelters and to encourage people to adopt. Colleen specifically chose August 26 because that’s the day she adopted her sheltie. Due to many joined forces since 2004 over one million dogs have been saved through adoption and rescue partners like The Humane Society of the United States and West Coast Labrador Retriever Rescue.

As you know dogs are not only man’s best friend but also help our society. They help the police force by tracking bombs, drugs, and more. They also help those who are deaf and blind, children who are on the autism spectrum, and professionals like teachers, therapists, or physicians who’s clients/students can benefit from a dogs presence. Nowadays dogs can even sniff out cancer in patients.

How to celebrate

If you can’t contribute by adopting, no worries, there are other ways. Such as posting awareness on social media, volunteering, or donating at a rescue home. If you have a dog you can contribute by giving them a big furry hug and maybe buy them a bone or two.

Fun facts

  1. The most popular dog breed is Labrador retriever.
  2. In the 1500’s dogs appeared in Renaissance paintings.
  3. The American Kennel Club opened on Sept. 17, 1884.
  4. In 1929 the first dog school for the blind began. (Teaches dogs to help blind people navigate)
  5. On Sept. 8, 2015 the myth that dogs are color blind was debunked and revealed that dogs can see colors but vividly.
  6. A dog’s nose is as unique as our finger prints.
  7. They sleep in a circle to protect their organs.