World Letter Writing Day

World Letter Writing Day

Daphne Agredano

Get your pens and papers ready because September 1st is National World Letter Writing Day!!!  There are only a few ways you can communicate: you either sit down and have a conversation with someone, call or text, or you write down what you are thinking or feeling on a letter and mail it to someone or somewhere.

The Background of National World Letter Writing Day

Richard Simpkin, an Australian novelist, artist, and photographer established this day. It all began when he started writing to people he regarded as Australian Legends and got their responses. He was able to publish the book “Australian Legends” in 2005. In the book, he honored the art of letter writing and reflected on how it altered his life. He established the World Letter Writing Day in 2014 to further celebrate more handwritten interactions.

How to celebrate National World Letter Writing Day

– You can try writing a letter to your family and friends.

– There are people in the world that have not had the chance to learn how to write. If you know someone like that you can teach them how to.

– To show off your artistic side you can learn how to write in calligraphy

Now take a chance on this day to write and pour out all of your thoughts on a piece of paper!