National Guide/Service Dog Month

National Guide/Service Dog Month

Angelica Soltero

August 26 was National dog day. September is National Service Dog Month. It is celebrated all month long to honor guide/service dogs. It raises awareness, appreciation, and support for dog schools that train dogs rigorously.


Dogs have been around for 150,000 years and have grown to be loved by us. According to ‘National Today’  in ancient artifacts and scrolls it shows dogs guiding humans.

After WW1 many soldiers came back blind and the use of guide dogs peaked. Dorothy Harrison Eustis (a dog trainer) brought the first guide dog to America, and later on established the ‘Seeing Eye School’ in Morristown, New Jersey.

Dick Van Patten( actor and co-founder of Natural Balance) was the inspiration behind National Guide/Service dog month. He admired how dogs had the ability to improve life for those living with blindness. So he raised awareness and support for guide schools.


This is the month to spoil your furry friend by giving them treats, longer walks, going to the park every weekend, or taking them on a shopping spree at Petco or PetSmart.

Fun Facts

  1. Dog training began in 1780.
  2. First training school opened in 1916 in Oldenburg, Germany.
  3. May is established as National guide dog month in 2009.
  4. In 2010 National Guide dog month changed to September.
  5. Labradors, Golden retrievers, and German Shepards make better guide dogs.
  6. Guide dogs will disobey their owner if they sense any danger towards their owner.
  7. Guide dogs retire after 8-10 years.
  8. Guide dog names are chosen carefully for fast communication. Like Spot.