Shout of Dolores


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Viva Mexico Independence Day lettering text greeting card template. Isolated on white vector illustration

Angelica Soltero

Cry or Shout of Dolores is what “Grito de Dolores” translates to in English. Every September 15 it is shouted for a reminder of Mexico’s Independence Day.


In 1810, in a village in Dolores, church bells rang inviting the village to gather as the priest (Father Miguel Hidalgo) gave a powerful speech demanding independence from Spain. 15 years later it was granted, and Spain accepted with the Treaty of Córdoba.

In tribute to this speech and the result, Mexico’s president rings the same bells and gives a speech always ending it with Viva Mexico!



You can celebrate this day by eating Mexican food like tacos, tamales, sopes, posole, and more. Mexico has many festivities open in every city. Parties, fireworks, and street fairs are held, and everyone goes out and celebrates. You can go on the streets wearing the Mexican colors. (Red, green, and white.) If you can’t make it you can go visit the mural that Juan O’Gorman made located at the Museo Nacional de Historia in Mexico City.