Honduras Independence Day

Honduras Independence Day

Daphne Agredano

Honduras Independence Day is always celebrated on September 15. It honors the Central American Provinces’ 1821 Declaration of Independence from Spanish rule.

History of Honduras Independence Day

Honduras, like many other countries, has a long history of culture. Mesoamerican people once lived in the area which is today known as Copan and is a significant Unesco World Heritage Site. From 426 until 820 A.D., the Mayan civilization lived in this old metropolis. Diego Garcia de Palacio found the location in 1570, which is one of Honduras’s jewels.

There is more to tell about its past aside from the archaeological sites and stunning surroundings. This country had to battle for freedom after suffering at the hands of its occupiers. Before the country gained its independence Spain dominated it for several centuries. After this time, the first Mexican Empire absorbed Honduras until 1823. Then, in the middle of the 1800s, it joined the United Provinces of Central America and was finally permitted to try out democracy.

Until 1838, Honduras did not hold regular elections. The country overcame numerous more difficulties, including countless internal uprisings and civil wars. After a few regime changes and the implementation of measures for international trade in the 1870s, the situation for the nation gradually improved. As the day that paved the way for Honduras development as free state, September 15 was designated as the country’s Independence Day.

How to celebrate Honduras Independence Day

  • Take a trip to Honduras.
  • Learn more about Honduras and its culture.
  • Show your respect towards Honduras and honor this day.

Visit Honduras whenever you get the chance and I guarantee you’ll have a blast !