National Play-doh Day


Angelica Soltero

September 16 is National Play-doh day, everybody knows Play-doh right? It’s squishy, colorful, useful, but definitely not edible. Play-doh is something that is used from pre-k to high school, maybe even college, or more. From keeping kids entertained to projects, play-doh is useful. But did you know that it wasn’t meant for kids.


Play-doh is widely used for kids but originally it was supposed to be wallpaper cleaner.

In 1933 many houses had wallpaper and it was always covered in soot after cooking, lighting a candle, smoking inside, or using the dryer. People were in need of wallpaper cleaner and that’s when Cleo McVicker came in and invented Kutol Products.

Later on, when Cleo died his son had to take over and started going into bankruptcy. One day his sister-in-law told him that she let her kids play with the wallpaper cleaner; they had fun molding and playing with it. That sparked an idea in Joseph. He started selling the wallpaper cleaner to kids under the name Rainbow Crafts Company, Inc. By 1957 it became a household item and then changed to Play-doh.

In 1991 the company Hasbro took over and now sells Play-doh that comes in multiple colors and fun gadgets.


Go buy some play-doh and get creative. If not you can make some of your own. There’s plenty of recipes on how to make your own homemade play-doh. Invite friends so you can get creative together or have a competition. Let your inner child create and celebrate national play-doh day.