National Fried Rice Day

National Fried Rice Day

Daphne Agredano

September 20 is National Fried Rice Day. On this day, we want to  encourage everyone to eat their favorite fried rice dish.

Background of National Fried Rice Day

All variations of this dish have their origins in Chinese fried rice, which originally emerged in China’s Sui Dynasty. Fried rice is a national dish of Malaysia and Indonesia. Fried rice is a feature of South, Southeast, and East Asian cuisines. Fried rice is a typical handmade dish with several variations. Benihana, the original Japanese teppanyaki restaurant, had established Fried Rice Day in 2018 to honor the beloved dish. Since then, fried rice has been created by Western restaurants in their own unique ways. Specialties such as egg-fried rice are available on vegetarian menus. Fried rice can be seen on the menus of many American restaurants that serve foods that lack the original tradition of dish. There are several different types of fried rice in Latin America, such as the “arroz mamposteao” from Puerto Rico, the “arroz chaufa” from Peru, the “arroz frito” from Cuba, and the “chaulafan” from Ecuador.

Fun facts

  • According to the Chinese tradition of not wasting food, fried rice may have been created to preserving leftover rice.
  • About 2,720,350 pounds of rice have been served annually by Benihana.
  • One serving of fried rice has the same number of calories as a cup and half of ice cream.

We honor this day to enjoy this tasty meal!!