Native American Day

Native American Day

Daphne Agredano

Every year on September 23, Native American Day is celebrated and is observed to pay tribute to people who have contributed to American culture even before the United Sates of American was founded.

History on Native American Day

Native American Day recognizes and honors Native Americans. They are thought to have been the country’s earliest citizens who identified as Americans. Before the first explorers and people from Europe colonized the territories, Native Americans  existed all throughout the North American continent. This indicates that Native Americans were present everywhere; from the Pacific to the Atlantic and from Canada’s far north to the Gulf of Mexico. Native Americans have played a significant part in the history of the United States and still do. It is only right to designate a day to honor them.

In 1998, Native American Day was formally proclaimed a state holiday. South Dakota declared 1990 to be the year Caucasian and Native American people reconciled. By redesignating Columbus Day as Native American Day, this was accomplished. People learn about the various tribes and civilizations of the Native Americans on this day; which is observed in America.

The focus of Native American Day celebrations is on the history, culture, and heritage of various tribes across the country. This day is all about honoring the Native American communities, their legacy, contributions, strength, and wisdom.

How to honor Native American Day

  • Discover the cultures of Native Americans.
  • Attend local events.
  • Read novels written by Native American authors.
  • Study the history of Native Americans.

The purpose of Native American Day is to alter how people view Native Americans and their culture.