National China day

National China day

Angelica Soltero

October 1st is National China day (known in China as Golden Week Holiday) to mark the formation of the Republic of China. It is mainly celebrated in Hong Kong and Macau. Due to this, citizens have a seven-day vacation and use it by spending time with relatives and/or travel.

The tradition starts by raising the Chinese flag in the capital city of Beijing. Then it is followed by a large parade of the country’s military forces and finally a firework display.


On October 1st, 1949, the leader of the red army (Mao Zedong) declared the Republic of China while raising their new flag.

On December 2, 1949 the declaration to formally adopt October 1st as national day was ratified by the committee of the People’s Political Consultative Conference.


You can celebrate by visiting China and admiring all the beautiful decorations they have set out for this week. Public places are decorated with flags and flowers.

Since many people travel to China during this time period the Chinese like to call it Golden Week because shops get the biggest profits.

To celebrate you can go eat dumplings, rice cakes, peaches, mandarins, lion’s head meatballs, and more.

Fun facts

  1. In China the color red signifies joy and good fortune which is why it is commonly used in Chinese festivals.
  2. Fortune cookies aren’t Chinese!
  3. During Golden Week public places are decorated with flags and flowers. Beijing hosts the biggest celebrations.
  4. China invented toilet paper!