What Makes White Cats So Special?

What Makes White Cats So Special?

Did you know that white cats are the rarest color in the cat population? That’s right, white cats only make up about five percent of the whole population of our feline friends. With their beautiful snow-white coats, they look amazing and very unusual, and, of course, they are even more special to their families who love them.

Like with all animals, white cats have different eye colors – all very unique. However, one particular eye color in white cats has been associated with the cat being deaf, this color being blue.

A much higher population of blue-eyed cats are deaf compared to white cats with other eye colors. Researchers found that only 17 to 22 percent of white cats with non-blue eyes are born deaf. The percentage rises to 40 percent if the cat has one blue eye, while cats with both eyes being blue have a 65 to 85 percent chance of being born deaf.

Not all white cats are deaf, but if you see or own a white cat with blue eyes its good to check and be aware that they might be deaf, especially in situations where loss of hearing may put the cat in danger. For example, stray cats, if they are deaf they cannot hear their predator sneaking behind them until it is too late. House cats are also in danger because they cannot hear the signals their owners give them if something bad is approaching.

A good way to check if your white cat is deaf is to snap your fingers outside of their peripheral vision and far from them so they cannot feel the vibrations. You can also jiggle a house key and see if they react in any way to the noise. Some owners check to see if their cat purrs to determine if they are deaf or not; however, even if a cat is purring they may be deaf. Some sources say that deaf cats purr louder than cats with good hearing!

Other than a high chance of being deaf, these beautiful felines are mostly special because of their striking white fur and their shy and lazy personality.

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