Leslie Jordan, ‘Will & Grace’ and ‘American Horror Story’ Star, Dies at 67


Lexi Browning

Leslie Jordan, the comedian and actor, died at 67, Monday after a car wreck in Hollywood, California.

According to the authorities, Jordan’s cause of death is still to be determined. It was not immediately clear whether Jordan was killed in the crash or suffered a medical emergency beforehand, but the condition of the vehicle suggested he may have lost control of the car, a law enforcement source said.

Leslie Jordan is one of the most recognizable faces in the entertainment industry. Specifically for his uplifting pandemic Instagram videos, and for his role as Beverly Leslie on ‘Will & Grace‘, as well as his roles on ‘American Horror Story’ and ‘Call Me Kat‘.

Jordan grew up in Tennessee where he was raised in the Southern Baptist Church. As he grew older and realized he was gay, he eventually stopped going to church.

“It’s hard to embrace something that doesn’t embrace you,” he told NPR in 2021.

He eventually found his way back to the church, and released a gospel album in 2021 called, ‘Company’s Comin’.