Joe Biden’s ’54 States’ Gaffe

Joe Bidens 54 States Gaffe

Lexi Browning

Biden made a gaffe during a speech at a Democratic campaign event in Pennsylvania for John Fetterman on Friday.

Biden mistakenly said there were 54 U.S. States when speaking about the Affordable Care Act, when there are only 50 states.

A video of this moment began circulating on social media and one of the videos was posted by the RNS Research Twitter page which is managed by the Republican National Committee. The page has regularly shined a light on the blunders of the president, often remarking that he is unfit to lead.

Biden said: “They’re still determined to eliminate the Affordable Care Act . . . and, by the way, if they do that means, not a joke everybody, that’s why we defeated it in 2018 when we tried to do it. We went to 54 states . . .”

He made the remarks while speaking at a rally in Philadelphia on Friday, October 28, 2022 as he was seeking support for embattled Democrat John Fetterman in the midterm elections.