Did You Know?


Everybody likes fun facts. Whether they are about science or completely random things, learning at least one fun fact a day is a fun way to expand your knowledge. Who doesn’t want to be super smart? Taking the time to look up fun facts can also improve social skills because it gives you something interesting to talk about when making new friends.

Here are five fun facts to brighten up your day!

  1. A chefs hat has a hundred folds for the different ways to cook an egg. Impressive! most people only know 1 – 3 ways to cook an egg,
  2. The electric chair was invented the 1880’s by a dentist named Alfred P. Southwick to replace the death penalty of hanging.
  3. Like fingers, everybody’s tongue print is different. Cool isn’t it?
  4. Don’t you hate it when you’re casually walking around and a spec of dirt finds it’s way into your eye?Fortunately for camels, they have three eyelids to prevent the sand in the desert from getting inside their eyes.
  5. Ever wonder why your dogs paws smell like Doritos? that is because they actually sweat through their paws.

Fun facts are a great way to learn new things about nature, humans, animals and man made inventions, so anytime you are bored and feel like there is nothing to do, get on the internet and entertain your self with fun facts!