Work Ethic and The 7 A’s


What is Work Ethic?

Work Ethic is a value based on hard work and being personally accountable and responsible for the work one does. It is based on the belief that hard work will enhance character. Having a strong work ethic essentianlly  makes you a stronger candidate for a high competition job. Fun fact, 89% of people are fired because of their lack of work ethic skills!

Of course, having a strong work ethic is vital to obtaining a job at any level, despite how much or little experience a person may have. However, there are many other attributes companies look for in a person when seeking an employee and those are known as the 7 A’s.


What are the 7 A’s?

The 7 A’s are skills that essentially fall under the work ethic category and together make a person the perfect hire.

Take a look at these crucial skills:

    • Attitude – having a positive attitude at work despite having a bad day is a skill that not many have, but it’s a skill that most most employers want in their candidates. Nobody wants to hire a person that is always negative and acts like their job is an inconvenience. You want to show that you have the ability to control your attitude at work, unless you want to work at the “Karen Restaurant,” but that would be a different conversation.
    • Attendance – be reliable and come to work often and on time. Meaning, if you are scheduled at three  on the dot . . . do not show up to work at three thirty – it makes you look unprofessional and it shows that you don’t care about your job. If possible, arrive at least ten minutes before your scheduled time and come prepared to give it your all.
    • Appearance –  be professional in the way you dress and when dealing with your personal life. If your job requires you to dress in a formal matter, wear a uniform or have a body free of piercings and tattoos – abide by the rules. Do not show up to work wearing a hoodie and your mom’s house shoes,  remove all piercings and/or cover any tattoos for the time you are at work.
    • Ambition – have initiative and go beyond what is expected or required. When given a task, always give it all you have and more. Never do the bare minimum, it reflects poorly on your work ethic. Have goals, be hungry for success, it may mean getting a pay raise or a promotion.
    • Acceptance – acknowledge when you are in the wrong and apologize. Be respectful to all of your coworkers, no matter the personal relationship or conflicts you may have with them.
    • Accountability – have the integrity to do what is tasked, the right way, even when no one is looking. If you are assigned a task, do not wait until someone is watching to complete it. If you do something that goes against the rules of your job, tell your supervisor, most will appreciate your honesty and let you go off with a warning.
    • Appreciation – show gratitude that you are happy to be at work. Whether you are doing the job because you need it or because you enjoy it, always show that you are grateful for being there and for your coworkers. Remember, everyone has their own personal reason for having a job, make it fun for yourself and everyone around you and don’t spoil your coworkers day just because you are sour about being at work.

Do you have at least four of these crucial skills? If not, it might be time to start practicing and applying them to your character.