National Peanut Cluster Day


March 8th is National Peanut Cluster Day!  Melted chocolate with peanuts makes a perfect combination for sweet and salty deliciousness. Many people all over the United States will celebrate this delicious treat and so should you . . . unless you have a peanut allergy, of course.

History Behind Peanut Cluster

Two things had to happen for peanut clusters to even exist. First, a method had to be invented for the cocoa bean to be processed and transformed into what we know as chocolate. That process wasn’t widely used until about the late 1890s and just about the same time, the next best thing happened; agriculture found a way to grow the peanut and bring it to the public with steel tools and steam power.

It didn’t take long for the creativity to spark and for people to add the peanuts into the melted chocolate. The sheer simplicity of the salty peanuts and the sweetened chocolate is a mouthwatering sensation few can resist – even today. Candy makers find them to be a popular addition to cookie tins or other holiday basket. They also satisfy a snack craving without much effort at all, and now they have a special day to be recognized!

How to Make Peanut Clusters?

We’ll, its very simple. All you do is melt some chocolate of your choice, add peanuts to the mixture, and then stir them into clusters shapes.

How to Observe Peanut Cluster Day

  • Snack on some peanut clusters from your local bakery
  • Make your own at home
  • Ahare with friends and family

Fun Facts About Peanut Clusters

  1. The first retail peanut clusters were introduced in 1912 and were called The Goo Goo Clusters – weird name, huh?
  2. Peanut clusters were favored so much amongst soldiers that they were shipped weekly during WWI – imagine tasting so good that you get shipped in the middle of a war . . . must be nice, ain’t that right, Almond Joy?
  3. During the 1930’s, Elmo Lanzi invented the first machine to dip the peanut clusters in chocolate, before that, they were made by hand!