National Single Parents’ Day

National Single Parents Day

Today, March 21st, is National Single Parent Day! It is a day to recognize all the single parents who are trying their best and sacrificing themselves everyday to make sure their children have a successful and healthy life. Being a single parent is not easy, it requires a lot of hard work, devotion, and sacrifice. Luckily most have the support system to do it right such as friends, families and even government support programs. However, there are still many single parents out there who have no support at all and still manage to keep a smile on their face and do everything in their power to make sure their children are well taken care of.

So today, if you know someone who is a single parent, take the time to show them that they are enough and that they are appreciated. Remind them that it is okay to make mistakes and that they should feel no shame in being a single parent. Why? Because what they do for their kids every day, with little to no help, is something that their kids will remember when they are older.

If you are the child of a single parent, cherish them, and know they are doing the best they can with the little resources they have.

Thank you to all of the single parents killing it out there!