GC Cross Country (XC)


Daphne Agredano, Britney Cua, and Linsay Rojas

gordon centrals cross country runnersWhen it comes to attaining our personal goals, we excel at pushing ourselves to greater levels. This is the essence of being a cross country runner. Many would say that cross country is every other sports’ punishment, but you have to have the appropriate mindset to push yourself through – like many other things in life. At the same time, you’re cheering on your teammates and creating memories with your friends on the run, also with the new people you meet.

Let’s add the coach’s perspectives:

Coach Anderson – assistant XC coach

-What do you want to see this season?

“Great effort, attitude, and teamwork.”

-How long have you been coaching XC at GC?

“11 years”

-What do you love about XC?

“Seeing young people push themselves to be the best. We have a talented group of runners who constantly encourage and support each other.”

-What are your favorite moments from coaching XC?

“Witnessing a runner getting their PR (personal record) at a meet or overcoming an obstacle in life and being successful.”

-How do you motivate your runners?

“We get our and run with them during practice. At races I usually go the two-mile mark to encourage them to finish strong. We also set personal and team goals throughout the season.”

Coach Rainwater – XC coach

-What do you want to see this season?

“We have big goals like getting to state and things like that, but also we’re actually re-building the team because we had 16 seniors last year, and our whole girls’ team is new except for one. Some of them ran in ninth grade, but now they’re in 11th grade because of Virtual learning from Covid.”

-Is it just you and Coach Anderson coaching XC?

“Yes, he’s been coaching with me since his daughter ran with the team 10 years ago.”

-How long have you been coaching XC at GC?

“I’ve been coaching here for 14 or 15 years.”

-What do you love about XC?

“Oh my gosh so many things. I ran XC myself during school and I’ve always loved it. I like how you can do this sport at any age. It doesn’t only have to be when you’re in school. You can be a runner your whole life. I like that it’s a team sport, but it’s also an individual sport. It challenges you not only physically, but also mentally.”

-What are your favorite moments from coaching XC?

“So many I can’t just pick one. Mostly celebrating success with the team throughout the years. For example, celebrating personal goals, and life accomplishments. Just celebrating successes with the students is what I enjoy most.”

-How do you motivate your runners?

“Showing them that we’re in it together. I really care about how they do whether it’s in XC or in school. Just having good relationships with them. Coach Anderson and I try to run with them although were both getting older now.”

Another perspective from the runners:

-What do you like about cross country?

“I like how I can run at my own pace, and the feeling of bettering myself every run. “– Linsay Rojas

“I like how everyone supports each other, and I just really enjoy running.” – Arlene Gutierrez

“I like how coach Rainwater trains us, and how she motivates us to do our best.” –   Jesse Ramirez


XC GIRL’S TEAM:                                                XC BOY’S TEAM:

Melanie Chiapas                                                    Dawson Brooks

Kaydence Garland                                                 Saul A. Garcia

Arlene Guitierrez                                                   Abner Guardado

Kaity Hames                                                           Ashton Henson

Brianna Menchaca                                                Alex Lara

Katerine Queju-Hernadez                                   Jose Lara

Mirtha Ramirez                                                     Owen Lowrance

Aileen Reyes                                                           Matthew Marroqui

Linsay Rojas                                                           Camden Miles

Niza Sanchez                                                          Alejandro Onesto

Lindsey Silva                                                          Jessie Ramirez

Yostin Reyes

Juan Sanchez