Auto Mechanics and Construction at GC


Alejandro Ernesto, Seth Null, and Armando Garcia working together

Introduction to Automotive

Here at Gordon Central (GC), there are tons of new opportunities. There are many sports as well as other extracurricular activities, however, the main focal point of this article is Automotive and Construction. Though these classes have separate teachers, they are both a part of the CTAE (Career Technical and Agriculture Education) program here at GC. They help students to prepare for the future, along with opening new pathways for those that attend.


What is it all about?

Alejandro Ornesto, Seth Null put their Automotive skills to work

Despite the differences between the two, they both share a common interest – preparing young adults for incalculable circumstances in their later lives. Meaning they not only make for an intriguing class, but they are also very helpful when it comes to contingent disastrous life situations. If a student’s car broke down and they attended Automotive, they just might remember the things they learned in class, which in the end may save them. Though, if they had chosen the construction route instead, they wouldn’t need another to build extensions on their house, or even just build a shed. In conclusion, the pair gives students lessons that can help in more than just one life aspect.


Perhaps you can assume what the classes are about based on their name, though I doubt that you could’ve guessed one of the classes is building something extremely cool. When student Cole Randall was asked about class projects in his automotive class, he began to explain that he will be building a golf cart. He also went on to say that the students that take part in such projects still work on cars and other things. Plus, he stated classes such as these teach you to “Achieve your goals”, as well as make you feel like “Part of a community”.


I interviewed a student that had previously participated in construction, and though he didn’t have much information to give me about current projects he did go on to say nails and hammers were some of the most used tools while in that class. However, there are many other tools used in each class. While wrenches are more likely to be used in both, air compressors, impacts, and breaker bars are only used in automotive. Plus, while interviewing the current automotive student Cole Randall he expressed to me that the class also uses welding equipment.


Rules and Regulations

All classes must follow certain school rules, however, with these classes it’s a bit different. Obviously, these classes have more dangerous things they must have set rules for. Therefore, the students must be extra careful where they stick their fingers. Though the teacher expresses this to them in a different way, that is the simplified version. Not only this, but also common rules that come with the machines and equipment they use. Despite not having many special or abnormal rules, it is beyond important that the students follow the ones the class does have.

Alejandro Ernesto, Seth Null, and Armando Garcia working together

Both Automotive and Construction are overall incredible classes to attend. Construction can save you tons by showing and how to build many different things, and as Cole Randall said, “You can save money by working on your own vehicles.”. Thus, making them both useful and practical courses to take. In conclusion our Automotive and construction programs here at GC are wonderful opportunities.