The Tomahawk is Back!!


Haven Tate

Welcome to the Tomahawk – Gordon Central High School Newspaper. Here we talk about extracurricular activities and everything that is school related. It’s been almost 20 years since the last Tomahawk school newspaper was published. A very long time, right, yet here we are back live and online.

We will talk about what happens during school hours like ECE, pottery, construction, chorus, theatre, auto mechanics, JROTC, yearbook, art, sports, and healthcare. Also, about the many activities we do as a school that include the 7 mindsets and sources of strength. Including the student’s afterschool activities that involve softball, volleyball, football, cheerleading, etc. So you can pretty much tell that we are always busy during and after school. We work hard to perfect the newspaper so that its ready for you to read and enjoy.

Kaydence Lindsay

Every month there will be a new newspaper for you to read, whether it’s about a home or away game of some sort, or even about pottery that the students make, or about future holidays as well. We can assure you that you will be kept up to date about what happened on that game night if you missed it.

We are expected to meet deadlines just like you need to meet your deadlines for your teachers or your job. We must interview people about different topics involving our school and extracurricular activities in order to meet these deadlines. After the interview we are to type up everything that person said we can’t switch up their words otherwise, we will get in trouble.

Haven Tate and Abigail Holbert
Britney Cua, Daphne Agredano, Linsay Rojas