Audio and Video Tech at GC


Kaydence Lindsay

Gordon Central (GC) offers more than meets the eye. Though we have a considerably large selection of academics and pathways, one particularly intriguing class is Audio and Video Tech (AVTF). This class uses tons of technology, teaches important lessons, and can also be a lot of fun for someone who is interested in film as well as technology.


Vennia Guevara, Fallon Garnett, Katie England, and Janette Reyes working on their film.

AVTF has multiple levels of projects. The first level is the basics, which means it consists mostly of learning how to use all the equipment and about the lighting. While the second level is where you learn how do to motion graphics. If you don’t know what that is don’t be scared, the teacher of the class explained in his interview that it is something around the intro of a YouTube video. Then the third level lets you use what you have learned in the first two to make your own YouTube channel, which you must upload a new video every week. Plus, the class also does holiday projects. Therefore, there are tons of projects to complete, and many fun times to be had. Tyler Waits, a student that was interviewed, says he is currently working on “A parody video.”. He described it as a hurricane parody, they are making a video that has a hurricane while they’re trapped inside the school, while trying to stop the school from flooding and save themselves. That is only one take of the project, out of many others.

Best Parts

During the interview with the teacher of the class he stated, “The thing I enjoy most is seeing everyone’s personalities come out.”. Then he continued to explain that while everyone is assigned the same thing, they all have different takes on it. Everything made in AVTF is original and authentic. Within this class people are able to express themselves and use their own ideas. That makes the class a more fun and interesting place. Tyler Waits said he joined the class because he has always had a “Particular fondness for camera work.”. Now that he is in AVTF he has the power to explore using cameras and equipment himself all while being able to use his own creativity. That is one of the greatest parts of the class.

Skills Learned

Chris Stephens (Teacher) explaining something to one of his students.

All classes teach you skills, but this one is quite different from others. When the teacher was asked what skills you can learn from taking the class he responded with “Basic skills.”. He said that while learning movie film industry skills, you also learn workplace skills. By this he meant that you learn to work with others, as well as be assigned to certain jobs within your skills. Though when Tyler was asked, he simply replied with “How to lay out different shots.”. Despite having different experiences, they did happen to agree on one thing, you learn a lot about how to use cameras and editing tools. Tyler described editing as “Tedious but interesting.”. They both share a common interest with cameras and that’s exactly the skills you can learn from taking AVTF.

Equipment and Tools

Considering the name of the class and information you already know; you can already assume that cameras are indeed the most used tool in the class. However, they aren’t the only tool, they use lights, computers, editing tools, and even story boards. In case you don’t know what story boards are, the teacher has you covered, he explained it as something they do to plan out their scenes and figure out what their videos are going to look like. Though story boards can be done on paper with a pen or pencil, most do it on their iPad. That makes paper and pencil the least used tools within AVTF. Despite not being a typical academic class, they still find a way to incorporate all their tools as well as include everyone. That makes it just as great.


In general, this class is a wonderful selection to make.  The students within this class enjoy learning to use important equipment, making projects, as well as finding new friends. AVTF can be an important class to take if you’re interested in movies or film work. It opens lots of career options and doors for anyone that takes it. You don’t just have to use it for future career options, it can also be sed for family photos, filming weddings, or even just capturing special moments in your everyday life. That makes this class stand out from others, that makes it different.