S.A.L.T Article

S.A.L.T Article

S.A.L.T. Article

Recently Gordon Central announced a new club to honor student athletes every month. Called S.A.L.T.- Student Athlete Leadership Team.

We have interviewed the sponsor/ leader of the team Mr. Swanson.

These are the five question’s that we asked him:

– What is S.A.L.T. about?

“This summer I asked each of the coaches to nominate at least two players on their team that they consider to be really good leaders. I grabbed two players from each sport, and we’ve developed the student athlete leadership team. We meet once a month, we discuss any issues that they think is going on in their sport, we learn leadership traits, and then we nominate and select female and male athlete of the month and also coach of the month.”

– What’s the team’s motto?

“Attitude Reflects Leadership.”

– What is the purpose of S.A.L.T.?

“The purpose is to build future leaders and to create initiatives to recognize student athletes and coaches. We discuss what’s going on and what’s good/bad in the athletic program.”

– Why did you decide to make this team?

“I had a former player who is an athletic director at North Pole High School. He has had a lot of success with building their school spirit and building their teamwork.”

We also interviewed one of the members of the team Edna Meridith Campuzano:

– What do you like the most about being on this team?

Edna Meridith Campuzano- Member of S.A.L.T

“I’m excited to be part of this team because I’m with a group of people who are just like me,  and they’re passionate about their sport just like how I am. We are also excited that we can improve this team, help each other out, and bring school spirit.”

List of the S.A.L.T. members:

Brooke Wilson – Girls Basketball

Kim Passley – Girls Basketball

Alexia Cuevas – Girls Basketball

Nehemias Morales – Boys Soccer

Charley Garcia – Boys Soccer

Sophia Gaither – Girls Soccer

Cora Stepp – Girls Soccer

Peyton Wilson – Baseball

Payton Chastain – Baseball

Ethan Hendri – Football

Jayden Jones – Football

Savannah Pass – Volleyball

Sadie Holmes – Volleyball

Cade Hendrix – Boys Track

Ismael Tirado – Boys Track

Cassie Chastain – Girls Track

Edna Meridith Campuzano – Girls Track

Chyler Pope – Girls Tennis

Abby Guardado – Girls Tennis

Seth Hare – Boys Tennis

Erik Menedez – Boys Tennis

Isaac Campuzano – Wrestling

Dakota Jones – Wrestling

Rachel Raley – Softball

Kiara Kimbell – Softball

Gavin Holmes – Basketball

Lucas Breir – Basketball

Kaydence Garland – XC

Yostin Reyes – XC

Caitlyn Chilito – Girls Golf

Thank you to Mr.Swanson for making this possible, and we are looking forward to recognizing more student athletes.