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What Motivates You


      What is something that motivates you to come to school every day? There could be a list of reasons why you get yourself up and come to school. Whether it is your mom forcing you to go or a friend you are looking forward to seeing. Either way there is always going to be something that can motivate you to come to school. Today we decided to interview some of our peers and ask them what motivates them to come to school.  


          One of the main reasons a lot of the students like to come to school is to see their friends, or even their partner. One of the students, Chris Swims, said that his friend, Zachary Hufstetler, is one of the reasons that he likes coming to school. Another one of the students, Malachi Chastain, said that his girlfriend is what motivates him to come to school every day. There are also a lot of other students that like to come to school to see the people that they care about.  

         There are also other insignificant things that could motivate you to come to school. For example, a student, Lane Wooten, likes to come to school just so he can drive his truck. Another student, Jazmin Gutierrez, comes to school because it is her last year of high school. Teachers can also be a reason that you come to school. For instance, Isabell Teasley said that she likes to come to school not only for her friends but also her teachers, because she likes the way that they teach and help you when you need it.

      Anything can help motivate you to come to school, you just have to find what that is.