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Favorite College Football Team


        Do you have a college football team that you always root for? Since football season is coming up, many students are rooting for their teams and dressing in their teams’ colors. My partner and I decided to ask some of our peers and coaches what their favorite college football team is. There is always a lot of debate that happens every year over the topic of football, and whose team is better and what team is going to win.





         We interviewed a total of 23 people and 13 of those people voted for the Georgia Bulldogs. Georgia has won the National Championships 2 years in a row. They are known for their unique traditions and rabid fan base. One fan we interviewed was Mr. Angland our school graduation coach. He told us, “I have followed them my whole life, I guess I picked it up from my dad when I was younger because he was a fan. Then I went to school there, and if you ever go to Athens its just in you. I cheer for Georgia because I didn’t know there was anyone else to cheer for and it’s the greatest team in all of the United States.” He said “LS Who?” when a student said they were an LSU fan. You can tell he really supports his team and enjoys being a fan.

          Another popular team here at GC is Alabama. Alabama has had 18 National Championships in the past. They are popular because they have successful programs. They are also popular because of their rivalry with Auburn University. It has created a legacy of excitement and excellence that draws top recruits from across the country.  An Alabama fan that we interviewed was Coach Gregory here at Gordon Central. We asked him why he is an Alabama fan and he told us, “I named all of my sons after a famous football coach. My first son’s name is Hayden, after Hayden Fry at Iowa. My youngest son’s middle name is Bear, named after Bear Bryant at Alabama. I might like Alabama but the fact that my son likes them so much that his room is even decorated. But because he is all into it, it makes me all into it. It’s just our thing.” This fan supports Alabama because of his son. This gives football a whole new meaning to them. It’s more than just watching TV, its a bonding moment.

         College football teams can be inspiring and entertaining. Fans watch it to be competitive or even for bonding with one another. If you were asked what your favorite football team was, what would you say? Take the poll at the bottom of the page and choose what your favorite team is.