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Stress Awareness Month


          There are multiple days that we celebrate in April but there are also some things that we celebrate or bring awareness throughout the whole month. For example, the month of April among other things is Stress Awareness Month. This is where we bring awareness of the stress that we all have to ourselves and others.  

          Many do not know it, but stress can cause multiple health issues like depression, stomach issues, diabetes, or even heart/stroke diseases, but there are ways to prevent this. Exercising, seeing a doctor, sleeping, eating right, and just having fun are ways that can help with relieving stress. A great time that we can do these things is during spring break that is coming up soon. Spring break is a great time to either go to the beach to relax, go to the mountains and have fun, or even stay at home and sleep. Have a wonderful, stress free, and exciting spring break. 

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