Gordon Central Students


Abigail Holbert and Haven Tate

There is a group of students here at Gordon Central who don’t get recognized enough. This is Coach Sam, Coach Norrell, Mrs. Hicks, and Mrs. Hopkins students. This group of students brings so much joy, energy, and love to our school. They’re the reason I am glad to call myself a WARRIOR!

They all have their own unique hobbies and talents. They all love to do many different things.

Coy: likes to eat

Hunter: loves to watch wrestling, and he loves to work out

Savannah: loves to watch movies

Isaiah: Loves to work with his stepdad

Jan: Loves eating chips

Erica: loves to draw

Robbie: Loves to mow yards

Travis (Jakob): Listening to music and participating in races

Justin: playing baseball

Cruz: likes to eat

Julian: listening to music

Dallas: wrestling

Joshua: likes spending time alone

Beth: drawing

Jordan: cats

Garrett: socializing with friends

Jordon: watching wrestling

Tyler:  movies and dancing

Katlyn: Coloring

If you ever see them in the hallway don’t be scared to say hello. Their room is located down stairs by the automotive room and construction.