Mental Health


Haven Tate and Abigail Holbert

With the weather changing and two months before the semester ending a lot of things are changing including the status of people’s mental health. You may think everything’s ok with someone while you pass them in the hallway while their laughing and smiling but in reality, behind all that they may be having a hard time because of their grades, family, home life, relationship, or could even be friendships. everyone’s been there and done that. You feel like no one’s there and no one cares. But there is. At this high school there is so many supportive and caring teachers and great councilors that always put the students first. The councilors are Dr. Clance, Dr. Angland (graduation coach), and Mr. Wood. Let’s get to know them a little bit.

Haven Tate: “What influenced you to be a school councilor?”

Dr. Clance: “I was a resident assistant when I was in college and so that kind of stirred me in that direction.”

Mr. Wood: “my previous experience with my school counselor.”

Dr. Angland: “I like working with kids.”

H.T.: “What do you know about our school that you would consider a strength?”

C: “The community among the students I mean everyone is just there for one another and supports each other.”

W: “the scenes of community.”

A: “facility who really cares about students.”

H.T.: “What is your strongest asset?”

C: “Listening.”

A: “I don’t really know I don’t want to brag.”

W: “organization.”