International Day of Happiness

International Day of Happiness

Abigail Holbert and Haven Tate

March 20th is the UN International Day of Happiness with our world facing unprecedented challenges. Wellbeing matters more than ever. There are many crisis situations happening  around the world in age Ukraine, Yemen, Gaza, and elsewhere. Today on the International Day of Happiness we are reminded that our actions matter and that each of us can help build a more compassionate world wherever we are.

Here are three ways that u can spread happiness today: Share positive messages, Connect with people, Give Directly.

Spread ideas that promote peace, kindness, and understanding, online and in real life. Reach out to people who you know are connected to a crisis and offer your care and support. Donate to causes working on the front line of a crisis or find a way to help with local efforts.

We can do more tp create a happier and kinder would when we connect with others and unite together.