International Epilepsy Day

International Epilepsy Day

Abigail Holbert and Haven Tate

International Epilepsy Day is an annual organized by the International Bureau and the International League Against Epilepsy to raise awareness about epilepsy and its impact on individuals, families and communities around the world. The day is typically marked by events and activities such as educational seminars and public awareness campaigns. In 2023, Epilepsy Day will focus on the stigma people living with epilepsy face around the world.

Epilepsy effects almost every aspect of the life of the person diagnosed with disease. For many people living with epilepsy, the stigma attached to the condition is more difficult to deal with than the condition itself. Misconceptions and myths often contribute to the stigma surrounding epilepsy. For example, many people assume that epilepsy is contagious. This years International Epilepsy Day campaign seeks to dispel these myths. By sharing facts about epilepsy, we will challenge public misconceptions about epilepsy.

It’s important because to educate ourselves and others about the facts about epilepsy and to dispel these myths and misconceptions. This can help to reduce the stigma and discrimination faced by people living with epilepsy and ensure they have access to the same opportunities and rights as everyone else.

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