Kim Passley Interview


Kim Passley is an outstanding student that gives her all in class, pep club, yearbook, and basketball. She shows great teamwork skills, social skills, and gratitude inside and outside of the classroom. Although school has been extra difficult recently, she keeps an optimistic attitude through everything. We asked Kim some questions about her school life below:

Akira Buske: “Do you feel that being editor of the yearbook has helped you learn any new skills? If so, then what skills?”

Kim Passley: “Yes, I’ve learned how to listen and gain leadership aspects from being in yearbook. I’ve also learned responsibility and good worth ethic.”

AB: “Is yearbook a class you would recommend to fellow classmates or the upcoming class?”

KP: “Yes, because I have learn a lot about teamwork and leadership as well as responsibility. It is also a great place to make friends.”

AB: “How has yearbook made you a better student?”

KP: “I’ve learned the value of enjoying life and taking pictures of others enjoying life.”

AB: “Where are you planning on going to college?”

KP: “I have two schools in mind, Kennesaw State University and Georgia Southern. I am not dedicated to one college yet.”

AB: “What is your goal for basketball this season?”

KP: “Region player of the year”

AB: “What are your plans for after high school?”

KP: “Go to college and continue my life on the right track.”

AB: “What are some of your hobbies?”

KP: “Painting, hanging out with friends, and basketball.”