National Learn About Butterflies Day

National Learn About Butterflies Day

Abigail Holbert

On March 14th, National Learn About Butterflies Day encourages us to look for a blur of color as butterflies begin migrating across the country. Each year the celebration brings with an awareness of the varieties of butterflies and their importance to our survival. Spring and summer are just around the corner, so its an excellent time to take a few minutes and learn something new about butterflies and appreciate their beauty.

Like bees, bats, and other pollinators, butterflies make the difference between valuable fruits and vegetables on our tables. While we are planting native flowers and trees. We are also providing for our future. Pollinators such as the monarch butterfly and the honey bee have been in decline. All the reasons have not been identified. However, increasing the available habitat does help!

Butterflies need our help to survive as they rely on flowers and other natural resources to survive. We can help them, by planting more flowers.

  • There are more then 20,000 types of butterflies worldwide
  • Butterflies in their adult stage can live from a week to nearly a year, depending on the species
  • Many butterflies migrate over long distances