Why We Should Have A One Hour Lunch


Gwyndolyn Black


9th Grade

There are several different factors as to why the hour lunch at Gordon Central High School needs to be given to students. The question is, why should students have the hour lunch given back to us? Many examples include how a one-hour lunch would benefit students academically, socially, mentally, possibly even physically, and more.  Having a one-hour lunch would open many opportunities for students to be treated how high school is supposed to treat us – like young adults, nearing adulthood. Another factor would be that twenty-five minutes is not enough for everyone to finish eating, because of long lunch lines and walking from other parts of the building to the cafeteria. Because of these many factors, the hour lunch should be given back to students due to the many benefits it holds to us.

Many students have had neither the opportunity nor experience of proving ourselves during the hour lunch, (such as freshmen and the sophomores) which is extremely unfair to students. Students should not be treated as if we are in middle school if we are in high school, which means we should not be treated as if we are children because a few people can not act mature enough. If people violate any rules, they should be given lunch detention or be tutored until they prove themselves worthy of having the hour lunch. The more students are treated like children, the more that students will act like children. Overall, it is unfair so many students don’t have the opportunity to prove themselves worthy of the hour lunch because of how some people ruined it and got it removed permanently.

Having a one-hour lunch would benefit students academically. This is because there would be more time for students to complete work, as well as teachers tutoring students more individually. Students that need extra help could improve by being tutored in their classes during the hour lunch, while still having time to eat. Students who have missing work could complete it if given the opportunity during that time.  Twenty-five minutes is not enough for many students to finish eating, which is also why an hour lunch would be reasonable – to make sure every student has had the opportunity to finish their meal. Overall, the hour lunch should be given back to help students academically, and to make sure they finish eating.

One final reason as to why the hour lunch would be beneficial is that students could improve socially and, therefore, mentally. This could be a break time for students to relax and talk to friends.  Students could go outside, or other areas, on campus during this time, so that students are not crowded in one small area.  Maybe if the hour lunch is given back, less conflicts between students would occur because of less stress levels and fewer people being unkind to one another. Students could also go to the gymnasium to play games and participate in athletics during this time, which also improves students’ mental and physical health.

In conclusion, bringing the hour lunch back would not only improve students academically, but also mentally, socially, and even physically. If students were given back this opportunity to have one hour for lunch, there would be more positive than negative effects.  We as students should be given the hour lunch back because of the many benefits, the unfairness to the lower class-men of the school, and to treat students as if we are adults, not children.  Overall, students should have the one-hour lunch.