Haven Tate and Abigail Holbert

There are plenty of pathways at Gordon Central but one of the most important ones to take is healthcare. We asked some important questions to Mrs. Weaver. 

Abigail Holbert and Haven Tate: “What got you into healthcare?”

Mrs. Weaver: “It basically was a family tradition. My family members all worked in healthcare. It was exciting and rewarding to me. I just had a passion for healthcare I guess you could say.”

A. H. and H. T.:  “Do you hope to encourage kids to pursue in this pathway?”

Mrs. W.: “Yes! That’s actually one of the reasons I started teaching it combines the best of both worlds.”

A. H. and H. T.: “On each level of the course what is your main focus?”

Mrs. W.: “On the 1st  level I really just focus on teaching overall basic healthcare knowledge. In 2nd level of healthcare, I teach how the body works. And on the last level the 3rd level of healthcare I teach more skill driven topics.”

A. H. and H. T.: “Is anything going to change in the class if COVID gets really bad again?”

Mrs. W.: “The lessons will remain the same.  It will most likely affect the third level because skills have to be in class, and you’ve got to talk and help each other.”

Mrs. Weavers class is so much fun and educational. It gets you ready for the real world. We 100% recommend it!