Academic Bowl

Academic Bowl

Gordon Central’s Academic Bowl team is coming back with a kick! Even dealing with many hardships last year during COVID19, the Academic Bowl team pushed through. They faced many hard teams and went head on with many challenges during their season, but over-all had great experiences and fun memories.  Mr. Alan Hughes has coached this terrific team for 23 years now and continues to guide them during their journey.

The following is an interview with Mr. Alan Hughes, coach of the academic bowl:

Akira Buske: “How long have you been coaching GC’s Academic Bowl?”

Alan Hughes: “Since 1998.”

AB: “What one of your greatest accomplishments as a team?”

AH: “In 2014 we won the state championship. Also, the best accomplishment is all the students who I have met, worked with, and stayed in touch with over the years.”

AB: “What are some benefits students can gain from being a part of the academic bowl team?”

AH: “It’s a place where knowledge is valued and rewarded. It’s fun and we have great interactions. It’s a good environment for students who enjoy knowledge to sit through.”

AB: “What is your biggest challenge as a coach?”

AH: “The most difficult challenge is it is not as popular as it used to be both among our school and others.  When I first started coaching most schools had a team and very few do now.  It is difficult to find enough competition.”

AB: “How did COVID impact the way the team competed last year?

AH: “Last year we competed online only. The three tournaments we did were done on video conferencing.”

If interested in joining the team or getting more detailed information see Mr Hughes on the social studies hall.